Scigrip Benelux

Smart methacrylate adhesives for
Metals, Composites and Plastics

Who we Are

Scigrip Benelux focuses on consulting and sale of structural adhesives to industrial users in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Scandinavia.  

The emphasis is on structural bonding of metals, aluminum, composites and plastics.

Scigrip is an international company with manufacturing facilities in the USA, Canada and UK.

Many of our customers are in the sectors, Automotive, Marine, Trains and Bus construction, Construction, Water Parks and Aquaria, but also in other industrial applications.

What we Do

To achieve the best glue advice for our customers, we try to understand as much as possible of how our customers work and what is important to customers and end-use. We regularly partnerships with customers, to possibly develop custom (structural) adhesive.  

Scigrip has products with internationally recognized approvals such as Lloyds, ABS, Greenguard, BRE, SGS and FST.

Do you have specific questions regarding structural bonding, or replace mechanical connections and/or weldments ? Please contact one of our team members.

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